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Best and Worst Airports

One of the factors that greatly determines your experience when traveling by flight is the airport you land in or board your plane from. If you have already made your booking or you have no control over where you will land and take off, it is still important to know what to expect. For those who can change their travel plans, knowing which airport to use can...

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Best Tourist Destinations in the US

The US is home to the some of the largest, most vibrant cities in the world. Almost every state has one or two major cities that can rival many of the capital cities found in other countries. Every city is unique in its own special way in matters such as attractions, the architecture, nature of the residents, the food, the weather, among others...

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TSA Regulation Flights

Knowing what you can carry during flights ensures makes your packing process easy which in turn ensures you do not carry prohibited material with you to the airport. This in turn enables you to have a smooth and fastscreening process. Besides delaying you when checking in, carrying in prohibited items may also see you being fined or even at times....

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Using Money When Traveling Abroad

Are you an American resident planning your first trip overseas? You've probably finished packing and even hired a pet sitter but there's one little problem you haven't solved yet; how you'll access your money once you're in a foreign country. Don't worry by the end of this article you'll fully understand the...

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Ways To Get Through an Airport Faster

Most frequent air travelers know how frustrating it can be getting past airport security. Airport security has heightened drastically especially in the past two decades as a result of terrorist threats in the US and other countries all over the globe. Long lines, rude airport staff...

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What You Should KNow About International Travel

International travel can be hectic and complicated even for those who are frequent travelers. Things can change abruptly and it takes time to get used to the process but every new destination feels like the first time. For a first time international traveler, a simple oversight...

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